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Sneak Peak - Google Chrome Material Design

Google is planning to face-lift Google Chrome ver. 50 with Material Design according to Web Design Depot.

Currently, Chrome is version 48 on my Debian system. I found a way to enable Material Design to see an early look by the following way:

  1. Go to chrome://flags/.

  2. Look for “Material design in the browser’s top chrome” and choose “Material” from dropdown list.

  3. Look for “Enable Material Design downloads” and enable to change downloads page to MD UI.

  4. Look for “Enable material UI for PDF” and enable it to change PDF viewer to MD UI.

Material settings page is enable by default and it can be viewed by “chrome://md-settings/”. However, some functions are not working fully yet.

I leave out screen shots for your excitement!


This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.

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