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Apps for productivity and focus

Nowadays, it is full with distractions, especially for people working with computers like me. You working on one thing and your mind is forcing you to open facebook tab or scroll down new tweets.

How to adjust your time management or change your bad habits? I took a help from these tools and it is working. So,the question is what are these tools?


It is a tool that tracks how you spend time on your machine and analyzes the productivity. It also has the browser extension and able to analyze the categories of website you are spending time with.


This is a chrome extension that replaces the traditional new tab interface with clean design that you can jot down your goals for today and your to-do list. It hidden the chrome apps layer and keep you a clean mind instead of clicking a facebook tab every time when open a new tab.

Be Limitless

This one falls between rescuetime and momentum. It’s a new tab replacement for chrome and also tracks what you do inside chrome browser. It is for people who are sensitive about their privacy and works mostly with browser all the time.


This app just plays the environmental noises you usually heard at coffeeshop. So what…? That’s what I think of the first time.

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