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Unusual incidents

Crazy shits happen to all people. These are situations I am afraid it will happen to me. The order are in ascending of the scariness.

  • slip from the platform,fall down to the road and vehicle runs over my head
  • point metal spear-shaped rod fall into my head
  • someone breaks into my apartment and kill me in my sleep
  • elevator malfunction and cut through my body through half while I am approaching into it
  • Two vehicles hit me at the same time in the middle of the road and I have no idea that I gonna die terribly
  • I am relaxing in my apartment and the whole apartment electrocuted.
  • Thunder strikes me while I am combing my beautiful wavy hair
  • Slip and trip over the bathroom floor and knocks my head after falling down reversely
  • Airplane crush
  • Truck full of heavy objects is out of control and heavy objects such as containers and gas tanks roll over,explode and fall over the vehicle I am in

Yeah. World is full with “Final Destination” shits.

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