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Android 5.0.2 on Samsung i9100

Since Google announced Android L 5.0 (codename:Lollipop), I was so eager to try it on. Unfortunately, it is only available for Google edition Nexus phones, which I don’t have one. My old galaxy sII is on CM11 ROM, android 4.4.2. I am waiting for cynamogenmod team to come up with CM12 ROM with android 5.0.

Last week, I run into this CM12 Project and try it on. As it said, video recording, internal storage and a couple other features is not working properly on beta #3.

Beta #4 releases at 1st Jan 2015 and several fixes including internal storage. The installation of flashing the ROM, known issues and change logs can be seen at project page.

Android L end-user’s review

  • Google flag-shipped Material design is really intuitive as it said. It gets cleaner look and also the animation is easy to percept by humans.

  • Notification overlay showing is useful and annoying at the same time. double tapped opening the app from notification panel is useful. Also, notifications on lockscreen is ease to use but a bit concerns about privacy.

  • Instead of lists, notification & recent apps show as Google Now styled Cards,which is more easier to navigate but it needs time to get use to it.

  • Long pressing quick setting doesn’t show me the specific setting and I wish this feature back.

  • Swiping is gone in AOSP keyboard of this CM12 beta ROM.

  • Another worth mentioning new feature is priority mode. It’s kind of “Do Not Disturb” mode with more flexible options. The user can select specific apps to give notifications.

  • Screen pinning is also a new privacy feature added. A single app can be pinned for third party users and only the owner of the device can unlock it with the same setting you apply for your lock screen.

  • It imitates the user accounts control of PC Operating Systems, the user can create several user accounts such as guest and other accounts for kids and your family members.

  • The overall performance is getting better than previous android versions. Replacement of ART virtual runtime engine in place of Dalvik.

  • The battery life is also improved due to the outcome of Project Volta. From several experiments, it is proved that Android L batter life is increased to significant percentage of running time compared with android kitkat.

Finally, this is what I think of one week with Android L unoffical ROM. I believe android focuses on improving core features and UI & animation is getting neat and clean. For customization junkies, the playground of android is getting bigger with new toys.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.

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