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Android apps that should have spotlight

It’ve been a while I am using android devices and I am kind of ‘app junkies’. I like to find out the best apps which have nice UI and working functionally as it supposed to be.

I am not gonna talk about well-known apps every body knows. These are the apps that should appreciate by the users and I recommend you to try it. You can find all apps at google play store.

  1. (BandOfTheDay): One of nice music service for people who like to discover new music.
  2. Cover: It’s an app that replace traditional lock screen with intuitive one.
  3. Earbits: Another interesting music discover service. The algorithm is based on your music library on the device and it will recommend new tracks to try.
  4. Eventbite: If you want to involve in a biking event from a educational seminar around your local,this app can guide you through.
  5. Endomondo: It’s the one and only workout app you need.
  6. Heart Rate by runtistatic: It’s accurate and you can keep the records.
  7. (Indie Shuffle): This app is so good and if you are indie music lover, I can gurantee 100 % you gonna love this one absolutely.
  8. Link Bubble: Instead of waiting the link redirect loading in browser, this app can save you time by loading it in the background and you can continue your work.
  9. News Digest by Yahoo(formely summly): One,it’s looking good. Two,the algorithm is quite good.
  10. Newsy: Instead of reading news, this one feeds you with news in short vid clips.cool!!
  11. Pushbullet: You are the kind of guys who don’t want to pick up your phone all the time for trivial notifications,this app can save you. It mirrors the notifications to your PC. Moreover,you can send notes,links and files directly to your devices or vice versa.
  12. Rormix: This is music discover for Music Videos.
  13. Sticher: The best pod-cast app…
  14. TV Show Time: There are many alternatives for tracking TV shows but this is my favorite one.
  15. (UberHype): It’s Hype machine music service client for android.
  16. Umano: It reads articles and blogs by real people.
  17. ZPlayer: This is metro stlye music player and it’s totally worth your money.
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