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When I was at 9th grade, the language teacher gave a essay homework to write about your goal and carrer. At that time,I have nothing in mind but I am into computers so much. Windows 98 is a magical word for me to explore at my spare time. I wrote about how I want to become a “computer guy” without no specific specialization.

I studies to get Computer Science degree and become a guy who writes code and trying to put things into logical concept. So far, people in my life think of me from different perspectives.

My family think…

  • My mother don’t know what I really do for a living until now
  • My sisters think I learned and working really difficult things but don’t get a lot of money
  • My brother thinks I am good with computer and any thing with pressable buttons but surprised after I have no idea how to tune TV channels

My friends think…

  • The guy who can install Windows like it’s nothing but don’t know how to create equations in Microsoft Excel.
  • The guy who magically upgrades latest Android version to super old phone handset
  • The guy who is on most Internet services and still finding out new products
  • The guy who really excited to talk about technical things at any situation
  • Some friends who do business don’t understand why I choose to do this pathetic job

I think…

  • I don’t know anything in details and throughly
  • I am fucking lazy to make codes prettier
  • “new ideas” written done in my notebook never become real products
  • Boss and managers don’t understand me
  • I don’t understand myself too
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