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This weekends, I am wondering about possibility of playing music from Terminal when you are working at remote computer. I ran into 2 solutions to do that. It is nice to see that there are tons of pre-exisitng applications for terminal workers.


It stands for Sound eXchange and it’s a application for sound processing. It is capable of converting music format from one to another. Also,you can use it as a simple terminal music player.

To play music with SOX, just need to know a bit about wildcards and terminal knowledge. To exit SOX, press Cltr-C. If you queue multiple songs with asterik wildcards,press Cltr-C twice will exit SOX and Cltr-C will skip to the next track.

#install sox and coded lib for it
$ sudo apt-get install sox libsox-fmt-all
#play music
$ ls ~/Music
#play a song
$play track_1.mp3 
#play all mp3s in a foler
$play *.mp3


CMUS is more advanced than SOX with various features such as creating a library, queuing selected songs into current playlists. To get the latest release version, the developer recommend to download from cmus github repo and compile it.

Basic usage

You can nvaigate different pannel by pressing 1 to 5;

  • 1: Artist/Albumn View
  • 2: Library
  • 3: Playlist
  • 4: Current Playlist
  • 5: File Browser. Go to 5 to add music by navigating with arrow keys and press a to add music files/folders. Press enter to play a track and c to pause the music. Please see the CMUS Tutorial for further explanation.
$ git clone -b pu https://github.com/cmus/cmus.git
$ cd cmus && ./configure prefix=$HOME/cmus && make install
This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.

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