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Being Minimalist

It s the buzz word in web-design,“minimalism”.

What if your life minimize to a certain ratio?

What if you reduces your desires and becomes anti-consumerism?

It follows the teaching of Buddha too. However,people likes to have newest,most expensive,the rarest possessions on their hands.

To live a pure unselfish life, one must count nothing as one’s own in the midst of abundance.

The question is do you need all of these belongings?

Do your life needs to carry all these stuffs with you?

Most people thinks having expensive clothings,fastest car and latest techie promises Happiness. However,I believe it can t delivers happiness and make you desire more and more.

People are living in this vicious cycle.

Recent incident with my landlord makes me realize about our complex chaos life. When we move-in, she makes a statment about the shoes me and my room-mate have.

You only have 2 feet,why you needs lots of pairs of shoe….

Being minimalist is simple and have both beneifts and tradeoffs.

My policy is think 7 days before you desire to buy an object. If you forget it,you don t need/want it.

How to

  • reduce your unnecessary buyings.
  • Stay away from department stores.
  • Stay away from ads.
  • Don t make friends with people who are sinking under the floor of consumerism.
  • Make a bigger saving plan.
  • Don t be too extreme. You needs a clean underpants and cozy bed to sleep well..
  • Read mnmlist..
  • Credit card is not for me.
  • Make list of maximum posessions per category such as 10 shirts,7 underpants, one laptop and no tablet.
  • Believe in it.

Yay facts

  • More Savings.
  • Less time for caring your belongings.
  • Less worriness of losing your possessions.
  • Don t keep to keep up with trends…(New Ipad!!! it fuckin don t care to have it).
  • Less regret about unuseful things you bought.
  • Moving from one place to another is so much easier.
  • You will figure out more….


  • Your friends who worships branded clothing and trendy products think you are such a loser.
  • Sometime, you will feel left out because you don’t have things others have.
  • Most people thinks you are broke and that’s the reason why you are believing this concept.
  • More difficulity in chasing girls because of your unusual lifestyle.
  • Above all of that, people gonna think what wrong with that guy.

Well, Less is more. Right? Live simply and breath heavily. Consumerism is killing us. Instead of wasting your money on materials, you should do travelling, doing the good deeds. doing charity, making donations and sharing with your loved and beloved ones. You will live more happily and die happily.

If you have more idea,please drop at the comment box.

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