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Minimalising Gadgets

I read an article about a guy’s concept of making his digital devices to minimalize for the sake of keeping his mind and work-flow simple and straightforward. After I read that, I forgot to keep a bookmark this page and couldn’t find it again. The devices he have are iPad and iPhone. It’s so simple. He keeps the springboard of both his devices “blank”. That’s it.

One thing I still remembers what he replies to others who ask what if you don’t know the name of the application you are looking for. He said

“If you doesn’t remember the name of the application you use, it is not important ones.”

I like the way he thinks and the simple idea he comes up with. I don’t have iOS devices but I believe I can do the same thing with android devices. I get rid of the widgets and frustrating stuffs from my home screen for both my phone and kindle fire.

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