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I found the perfect audiobook listening app

It surprised me when I was looking for a way to listen offline audio files to iOS device. There are not much options to load the files. it can be either file transfer over airdrop or local wifi transfer. Another surprising thing is that there are not much decent free apps like in Android platform. I found one particular app that is perfect for listening DRM-free audio books.

Features of audio-book listing app

This is a list of functionality that I am looking in the mobile app for listening audiobooks:

  • Free app with no ads flying around the screen
  • Import file via airdrop and internet transfer
  • Complimentary app for Apple Watch
  • Able to resume when I left off
  • Show the progress of the book
  • Make the speed of the reading slower or faster
  • Capable to Airplay to bluetooth speakers and other connected devices
  • Support CarPlay to listen books via Apple CarPlay

A perfect app to accompany Libby

Book Listener

I uses Libby with local library account for books, magazine and some audiobooks. However, it is limited in terms of choice and time constraint. I tried a bunch of audio/music player but I was disappointed until I found Book Player. As the name suggests, it is designed to listen audio books that included some unique features that can’t find in typical music players. It’s open source project with contributors crafted this beautiful minimal app and it is just perfect.

If you are looking for app that designed for audiobooks, I recommend you to try this one. Shout out to all contributors for this hidden gem! Give a contribution or a token of appreciation to the developers as well.

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