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Free version of Moonsols Memory Forensic Toolkits

During my master research on Digital Forensic of Data Discovery of Private browsing of Chrome Incognito mode, I run into one major problem. The problem is to uncompress Windows 8 crash dump files to memory dumps file with address that Volatility Framework can parse. The only tool that can achieve this is is moonsols Hibr2Bin and there are only commercial products that I can’t afford. I have to give up from using the result I can collect from Hibernation dump files.

I posted for an alternative solution from fellow DFIR practitioners and an interesting twitter conservation started with Volatility Core Developer and Moonsols Developer. He mentioned that the tool will be open-sourced late 2016 and now it happens!!.

Just fill a form to download the Comae Free Toolkits that includes 2 tools: DumpIt and Hibr2Bin. I downloaded it and tested it by dumping the physical memory and it works smoothly.

A very good news for DFIR community!

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.

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