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Facebook Messenger Bots to try

Facebook integrates chatbot feature to its messenger platform and all AI chatbot enthusiasts are rolling out their cool ideas into the platform. This is a few chatbots that I personally like and use it at this moment:


  • Just a simple bot to remind tasks through a message at a specific time.


  • Send a pic of anything and it identifies the objects.


  • News Junkie? This is the one for you. it send updated news from your favorite websites.


  • Are you concerned about air quality? Smokey gives you all the content you need about pollution around your town.


  • A virtual personal travelling assistant that helps you to pick the next trip’s destination.


  • Swelly is an bot for the opinionated people to vote between A and B or asking the internet for your dilemma.


  • Want a help to pick a random movie? This bot can send a random movie with poster image and other details.


  • This bot can give list of movies in theater and what is trending movies of the week.

Hi Poncho

  • It’s a weather bot for that sends daily weather forecasts.
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