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Things 21st Century Modern Minimalist own

A question of “what to possess and why I have them?”

Women buy things they fancy. The same applies to men. Men even fall into the category of buying things that are useless and not make life more organizing and productive. I am the kind of guy beat myself up when I end up owning some stupid things. I believe in minimalism and the concept of “buying less” and live simply. It makes my life easy and declutter without chaos in your room. I only buy things I really need, I find it elegant and beauty in it.

This is more of a personal note of why I own and planning to buy. Of course, I have more of the small items that civilized humans need like cleaning products and bedsheets. This is more of some items that I am doubtful to own but end up being useful to me. There are many similar posts on the Internet and you can google it to get a thought or two.

A Job that you love

Without this item, the possession of these materials is impossible. If you are unemployed, stop reading and go get a job or start a business.


E-book reader

If you like to expand your knowledge and stimulate your thoughts and idea, reading is the essential habit to build up. Actual books are good if you have money and spaces for it. I bought a kindle e-book reader and it don’t let me down and boost my reading. Just get any reliable e-book reader and you will not disappointed. Don’t ask me why not a LCD tablet. I know it can do more but it can’t be a dedicated book reading gadget and distraction of course…


If you are not a gamer and graphic designer, a laptop is suitable for all sort of professions. It’s small, mobile and easy to maintain. If you are fancy getting a desktop PC, ask yourself why. Do I need a resource intensive computer system? Do I need to replace and upgrade hardware components in the near future? If the answers is no,go get a laptop.

Laptop ergonomics stand

If you are a heavy computer user that spends like 9-10 hours in front of the screen, this is one definite thing to own. Brands and variations don’t matter. Feel it and get one. All you need is the one that can rise up the URL bar to your eyes level. Save your neck with a few pennies!!

Smart TV Box

I am not talking about smart TV. It’s expensive and the features are limited. It can be android,Roku or Apple TV box that you can connect with any TVs that have HDMI connectivity. I got an android TV box with my personal setup and the things that little box can do please me well.


Big speakers and entertainment systems are awesome! It produces great sound but make your living room ugly. I recently bought a 100$ samsung sound-bar with wireless & bluetooth connectivity and 80w power is loud enough for my small living room.

On-ear headphone

It doesn’t matter you like it or not. Get one to save your ear damage from prolonged usage of in-ear headphone. It can also blocks distraction at work and put a sign that says “don’t f#$&ing tap me if it’s not important enough”.


Sneakers/Running Shoe

If you don’t have either sneaker or running shoe, you are definitely living in a cave. A good pair of running shoe is suitable not only for exercising but also for outdoor walking and strolling around the town.


Unfortunately, my job have strict dress-code and can’t wear casually. Black & Brown leather shoes boost up your look and go for the pointy ones but not too pointy though. A square closed shoe just looks ugly.


For occasional ceremony, a good tailored suit is a must-have for all grow-up men but not a fancy color. Go for a classic decent looking color that match your style and taste.

Knit Tie

A knit tie is something you can wear it to dress up or down. I ordered one from China and it is surprising good quality. It is consider as more casual than woven tie but it seems ok for South East Asia.

Dress shirt

It should contrast with the suit you are wearing it with. For e.g, if the suit color is navy blue, the dress shirt should be white or a color that is lighter than navy blue. Also,beware of the size;being too fit or too loose.

Casual Blazer

This is the piece of clothes that can go with most of your other clothes; tee,t-shirt,jeans,pants or even shorts! It makes you get a look that some people called it “smart casual” and the occasions that you don’t want to look too formal and this piece of clothing solves the problem.

Oxford Shirt

This is another clothes that can go with anything. Go for long sleeves because you can fold the sleeves up anyhow.


Try to get a color matched belt for your leather shoes. Wearing different color of belt and shoe just look odd. For casual look, you can go creative.


Electronics Pot

This is one essential item that involves making a simple home brew coffee, boiling water for instant noodle or to thaw a frozen chicken.

Electronic Pan/ Slow Cooker

I got a inexpensive slow cooker that I used to cook many dishes. It works well except take time to fry meat.

Rice Cooker

1 definite cooking appliance for all Asians!!


I bought A Phillips blender just to make smoothie and juice since the ones that can buy from the shop is just pricey.


A wallet

It don’t need to be a fancy expensive brand. Just a nice genuine leather wallet that suits your style and preference. I don’t have a lot of cards and a slim leather wallet with clip-on is worked for me.


To write down daily focus tasks, your thoughts, a quick gist of things and learning process! I still can’t replace actual blank notebooks with a digital gadget like tablet. Checkout bullet journal to find out the effective organization method.


I still love a thin monthly calendar with square blocks that you write and draw things freely. I use this kind of planner for my focus tasks and monthly objectives. I also use e-calendar for meeting calls and work related matter.

A water bottle/mug

My choice of mug is the mighty mug and it serves me well after 1 year of use.

Portable charger

I don’t own a extra juice for my gadgets because i am mostly aware of my device battery level. Just a portable small charger to go is enough to plug in wherever I want.

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