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Pebble EOL and alternatives

I am writing this after a year using Pebble Time. I bought it the day I heard company is gone but still it's going this far. I shout out to pebble team and a bit to Fitbit for making it happen.

Pebble server will down at 30th June 2018. Features that requires online services will be lost for pebbler. Some can live with that but most people might not satisfy with partial malfunction devices. Fibit offering all pebble users $50 discount for Fibit Ionic. It is a budget choice for a good smartwatch but what are the alternatives out there?

I get rid of watches with Apple & Andriod Wear ecosystem in this selection. This is more of smart watches with own OS. There is not a lot of choice though smart watch market is going slow..


Ticwatch offers a range of watches for both iOS and Android users. In terms of price & function ratio, Ticwatch is a good choice. Battery life is a big drawbacks of ticwatch but usability of TicOS is very appealing. This is a brand to consider if you are not into Apple watch and Android Wear watch. They do offers affordable Android Wear based watch as well.


Amazfit is the cheapest option and they have Pebble clone version called Amazfit Bip too. Amazfit Bip has month long battery life and pebble like screen but the ecosystem is nothing to compared with Pebble. Amazfit Pace is a premium piece but it looks too ugly for me. The best place to buy these watches is from Aliexpress but pay attention to pick ones with English version.

Hybrid Watch

This is a thing for people with style but still want to catch smartwatch features. I am not a big fan of this category but there is definitely a demand for business people because it goes along with formal wear. Fossil, Nokia, Misfit & Garmin and several luxury watch brands has hybird watches category with different taste. Check out Wearables article for more information.


Garmin is a strong branding and favor among hard-core runners and outdoor adventures for its reliable GPS and rough design. It’s a bit pricey but I never heard people complaining about their Garmin devices.


There are options out there but you don’t like any of them. Go for Fibit since there is a chance of seeing Pebble-like features sooner or later. Compare with Ticwatch & Amazfit, it’s more reliable and better looking UI. With $50 discount, I think it is not gonna damage your wallet that much. For online reviews, this is a good watch for cardio type exercises and also fit for daily use.

Come on..my pebble is still working

Ok.. If you are Android user, there are way to keep your pebble working like before. GadgetBridge is an open-source android app to keep your watch data on device and can mirror notifications and sideload apps withtout relying on vendors’ apps. Rebble project is also another project that trying to keep pebble alive.

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