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Another Pebble Watch Story

I am writing this post with 1 week experience of Pebble Time.

Well..Pebble company vanished on 7 Dec 2016 that is the day I got my first Pebble watch. I heard the news that Fitbit is buying some assets of Pebble and I read a post that says something like “it’s a time to buy one if u want it”. I want Pebble since the first OG but I didn’t have a chance to buy it for several reasons. Now, I am capable of having one easily from local reseller and just a thought of “why I should not own one now?”.

I ordered it from e-commerence site and it arrives the exact day the company shuts down. I was having doubt that should I return it or keep it. In my unconscious mind, I want to keep it and after resolving what I want from a smart-watch, I decided to keep it. This is a list of what I want want from a smart-watch at this time of writing:

1. Clock, Alarm, & Timer
2. A quick glance of notification before reaching the phone
4. Good Battery life
5. Sort of activity tracking (even though I didn't care much but it's cool to have it.)
6. Water Resistance
7. Remotes for Kodi and Spotify

I tested Gadgetbridge and it seems pretty ok for most of the features. I don’t know about third-party apps support and which apps are working yet. Android watch is buggy and don’t have smooth experience. I also prefers gadgets with nice UI/UX that lacks in most of the smart-watches. I will stick to this extinct smart-watch as far as I can.

If there is a community support continuing the ecosystem of pebble OS, I might get PB2 or more. I feel quite positive about this too.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.

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