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The purpose of this article is to list down books and learning resources for Digital Forensic self-learners and new comers. When I was started learning about fundamentals and principles of Digital Forensic and Incident Response, I had a hard time looking for the starting point. Also, most of the learning tutorials and training courses are not free. This is my collection of resources for newcomers to Digital Forensic research area.

Publication Journal

Thanks to the Digital Investigation Journal from Elsevier publication. I got a hand on high quality research papers and trend on Digital Forensic. The other journals that focus on DFIR are


As for the books, This is the books I discovered and presented by categories. Of course, it is not necessary to read all the books. You can justify and focus on the books which provides the skills and knowledge you requires. As for the beginner, It is a good idea to start picking a book or two of fundamental and basic concepts of DF before continuing to a platform specific books. In this way, it will give you some foundation and formal knowledge required.

Fundamental Principles & Concepts

Procedures and Forensic Models

Specific Platform/Methodology

Malware Forensics

Python for Forensics

Memory Forensic

Blogs & Tutorials

Except fellow twitter DFIR people and Linkedin groups, I don’t read any particular blogs that focus about current trends and issues on Digital Forensic. The entry from Digital Forensic Association and also Forensic Focus selected 5 top DF blogs.

As for tutorials, I believe there are many paid training programs available for every aspects of Digital Forensic field. I recommend Cybray for computer security and forensic free programs and it’s also a network of fellow security practitioners. For beginners with A+ and Security+ knowledge, go for Computer Hacking Forensic Analysis course.

That’s for now.I will update this blog post time by time based on my discovery on Digital Forensic.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.

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