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LightTable Keymaps

I’ve been looking for a list of shortcut for Lighttable IDE and to make some custom keymaps for my personal preferences. I can’t find list of default key combinations easily.

This is the list of some essential keymaps from default.keymap file of Lighttable.

ctrl-shift-f	search-box
ctrl-space	commands
ctrl-shift-n	New Windows
ctrl-shift-o 	open file
ctrl--		zoom out
ctrl-n		new file
ctrl-shift-d	search docs
ctrl-o		search files
ctrl-=		zoom in

#browser tab
ctrl-r		refresh browser tab
ctrl-l		browser url focus
enter		browser url bar navigate

ctrl-enter	inline evaluation
ctrl-d		view docs 
ctrl-,		unjump
ctrl-.		jump
ctrl-shift-s	save file as
ctrl-l		goto-line
ctrl-shift-enter eval-editor
ctrl-+	fold-code
ctrl-s	save file

cltr+ number	jump to tab in number position
ctrl+shift+[	previous tab
ctrl+shift+]	next tab
ctrl-w		tab close

To make a custom user keymap, ctrl-space will popup commands panel and search “Settings:user keymap” and add your keymap on that file.

The following is the list of the keymaps I created recently:

 [:editor "alt-w" :editor.watch.watch-selection]
 [:editor "alt-shift-w" :editor.watch.unwatch]
 [:editor "ctrl-/" :comment-selection]
 [:editor "ctrl-." :uncomment-selection]
 [:editor "ctrl-alt-o" :workspace.show]
 [:editor "shift-tab" :unindent-selection]
 [:editor "ctrl-space" :auto-complete]
 [:app "ctrl-shift-c" :toggle-console]
This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.

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