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Ubuntu 14 & Ctrl+Space problem

As the tile gives a hint, ctrl+space shortcut is not working system wide on my Ubuntu 14.04 LTS with cinnamon DE. I noticed while I was started using LightTable IDE. I asked to INTERNET people and they are giving me some thoughts. Today, I am memorizing shortcuts of Pycharms and realized that ctrl+space is not workig at Pycharms too. Waitt.. After duckduckgoing about this issue, I found a solution to fix it. The problem is that ibus default triggger hotkey is ctrl+space and it is interrupting.

To solve this issue, the easiest way it to remove or edit the shortcut of ibus through dconf-editor. If you don’t have it, install from terminal as the following:

# sudo apt-get install dconf-editor

Open dconf-editor and go to desktop>ibus>hotkey and remove triggers value and leave it as “[]” or set a new suitable shortcut.

That’s it and ctrl+space will be working for all applications.

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