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3 things that can improve Windows 10 Multi-tasking

Windows 10 introduces a feature I really love from Linux Window manger called multi-workspaces or “Virtual Desktops” as MS term. Due to the requirement of Work place network restrictions and It’s working well but I believe it’s still missing several useful features compared with Linux DE/WM like Ubuntu Unity, Mate or Cinnamon. The entry is not about what Windows 10 Multitasking features are. It’s about what are missing at Windows 10. You can find many blog entries that talk about capabilities of Windows 10 multi-tasking. Here is a few of them:

Switching apps among Workspaces

This is one of the features I use a lot while I am working with several apps running.I like to organize the apps by switching to another workspace and categorize it logically. The only way to do at Windows 10 is by pressing “Win+Tab” and dragging the apps into the desired workspace. It might be better if I can just press the shortcut to move the active app to another workspace.

Hot Corner

There is no hot corner feature on Windows 10. Unity or Cinnamon(my favorite DE) have an option to customize the actions for each corners of the screen such as “Showing Desktop”, “Spreading out Apps” and “Showing the Workspace Layouts”. It saves time and easy to jump to another workspace.

No customization

There is no customization for keyboard shortcuts and it fails me since I uses both Linux and Windows and I would like to use the same key mappings across these two platforms. My muscle memory is confused every time I switch from one platform to another one.

I hope that MS team will implement these features in upcoming patches that can improve the user experience and productivity. That’s for now.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.

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