Unrivaled Rōnin

Unusual incidents

Crazy shits happen to all people. These are situations I am afraid it will happen to me. The order are in ascending of the scariness. slip from the platform,fall down to the road and vehicle runs over my head point metal spear-shaped rod fall into my head someone breaks into my apartment and kill me in my sleep elevator malfunction and cut through my body through half while I am approaching into it Two vehicles hit me at the same time in the middle of the road and I have no idea that I gonna die terribly I am relaxing in my apartment and the whole apartment electrocuted. Thu...

Terminal emulator inside browser

For guys who use terminal a lot and guys who just wanna play with new things, this is another thing the first time I try. It’s a terminal emulator but in your browser. The clos experience I had is a chrome plugin,which can make SSL & FTP connection. But a terminal…I give it a try and it’s working. Installation if you don’t have pip client to install python package, sudo apt-get install python-pip Install butterfly afterwards. sudo pip install butterfly #instal butterfly.server.py #launch Go to desired browser and open localhost:57575 and test it out. For more informa...


You left me. You left us. Been 103 days.. Mom is still weeping. Experience of encountering death shocks me. We ain’t best father and son relationship. No best father… No best son in the world… But I only had one dad And Now… Count down to zero. Regret I’ve been red to you. Wish I had last words with you I am thankful for your teaching and inspiration Go… Have a peaceful life In this word In another world Wait for me. I wanna finish the last conversation with you.. R.I.P… Dad Grateful & Thinking about you until I die

Books for 2014

These days,people stop reading books. Technology plays a great role in that. It changes lifestyle of people, including me. It’ve been a while I stop reading actual books such as fictions, non-fictions and novels. I spent more time reading on ‘information live for a short term period’ stuffs. Sources like twitter, RSS reader and news curated media changes the way I read. Now, I decided to change my reading habit back to old-fashioned style. Back to committed reading!! I selected to read at least 1 books per month.(Not included comics and graphic novels.) 2014 Selected Books I’ll Go Home...

on{X} by Microsoft

I am a big fan of ifttt and many recipes used from that service to automate my tedious Internet tasks and activities. I am expecting a mobile app that provides similar services. There is an android app called Tasker but not that intelligence and still needs room for improvement. Surprisingly, the one which works similar to ifttt is the app called on{X} from Microsoft. It can automate the tasks according to your need and you can code your desired automated tasks by calling device apis and functions. It is still in beta and have lots of known issues. Check it out coders with android gadge...

Themer is back & open

Themer is a theme platform that android veterans are looking for. It was started as a closed source,so I didn’t have a chance to try it. Waiting for invitation code and it didn’t come to my inbox. Now,no more invitation and you can download it at GPlay Store and it won’t let you down. It is still in Beta and a little glitch in widget customization. However,the rest of the feature is killing. Themer Youtube Promo

Quick guide to start up OSSEC

OSSEC I learned about IDS at network class but doesn’t have a chance to try. Like people knows,there are two types of IDS; Host Based IDS and Network Based IDS. The IDS type I try out is the former type. Purpose Since I am working on browser forensic, the first experiment is to know how the browser changes the file integrity for different stages and where the changes happen to the host machine. This is not the only functionalities of OSSEC. It can do more than file intrgrity checking. For more information about OSSEC functionalites: OSSEC Feature Architecture OSSEC can works in two mo...

Clean uninstall packages with debfoster tool

One problem that can leave your system unstable is dependencies or orphaned packages leaving after you uninstall a package. This problem can be solved by installing a tool called debfoster. It tracks what you have installed and ask you to uninstall dependencies files when you uninstalled a program. //install sudo apt-get install debfoster //help sudo debfoster --help //create initial keeper sudo debfoster -q //system to conform to keeper sudo debfoster -f //check orphaned/dependencies files sudo debfoster More information: using debfoster in practice

Change Gnome Terminal color scheme

Gnome terminal is a default terminal application for Ubuntu distro and I love its simplicity and consistency. I’ve been wondering today that how can I change the color scheme without changing color platte one by one. My curiosity is fuilfilled by this github repo: gnome-terminal-colors-solarized. Installtion is simple and straightforwards. There is 3 color plattes to choose from. Hope I can contribute to insert more nice color plattes in the near future. Updated: After I look though github repos, I saw several projects related with this and ddecided to make a curation of them.

Zotero, Mendeley & Endnote

Since I’ve been doing research for my master, I have to spend lots of time reading journal and conference papers. The problem is organizing these papers. I did a little research to find some ways to automate the tedious task of downloading paper,organizing by author,date,conference and so on. I found some tools which are Zotero It is a good citation tool which is multiplatform and can synchronize your library across your machines. The free account only offers 300 MB webstorage. That’s the only problem I found and I starts with Zotero. Mendeley Mendley is the tool I jumped after I run ou...